Octubre 2018

This is a simple, effective and engaging activity to introduce and revise vocabulary. It’s also a good activity to practise describing pictures using language for speculation, a task students face in many speaking exams. This is how I use these pictures with older children, teenagers and adults.

1. Choose a set of words you want to introduce or revise.

2. Take a close-up photograph that shows only part of the image.

3. Take another photograph that shows the whole image.

4. Arrange the students in pairs or 3s.

Most teachers like taking photos with their mobile phones and sometimes we don’t realise that these images can be a very engaging and effective resource in the classroom. The good news is that most teenagers and adults enjoy taking photos too. What they might not know is how these can help them to improve their English. In my experience the activity below is one of the most simple and effective ways of using photographs in the classroom.

One of our responsibilities as teachers is to help students to overcome their mistakes. Error correction is key to learning but not any correction will be effective. In this entry I’d like to reflect on how to help students improve in a supportive and effective way.

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