Viaje a Cork 2014: 12 de julio, Oysterhaven

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Viaje a Cork 2014: 12 de julio, Oysterhaven

Hoy ha sido una excursión especial al centro de actividades de Oysterhaven. Los alumnos pusieron trajes de neopreno para practicar deportes acuáitcos en kayac y en balsas. Después de comer se formaron equipos para hacer distintas actividades dificiles en la ‘jungla’. Esto ha sido una buena prueba de cómo funcionan en inglés bajo presión ya que les quitaron puntos si hablaron en español. A final de día se bañaron en el Atlántico antes de volver a casa. Fue un día intenso pero muy divertido y todos se fueron a la cama temprano.

Saturday 12th July Oysterhaven

Today saw a special excursion for the St James and Murcia Groups to the Oysterhaven activity centre ( The students began the day donning wetsuits and trying out various boating activities in the bay with kayaking, paired kayaks and working together to commandeer a raft. After lunch it was time to hit the jungle challenge assault course where they were divided into mixed teams and earned points by completing a variety of physically demanding challenges. This really tested their ability to work as a team and their English under pressure as points were deducted for speaking any Spanish, not easy when you are covered in mud and against the clock! The end of the day came with a run into the Atlantic to wash off all the mud and hit the showers before a short bus ride home. Unsurprisingly, it was an early night for all after what was an intense but incredibly fun and unforgettable day!