Viaje a Cork 2014: jueves, 17 junio

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Viaje a Cork 2014: jueves, 17 junio

Ha sido una semana muy activa en Cork. Los alumnos han empezado a preparar sus proyectos dramáticos que serán presentados la semana que viene. Muchos han creado textos originales mientras otros han reproducido escenas clásicas. El martes había un concurso tipo ‘Operación Triunfo’ donde los alumnos cantaron en inglés y compitieron por premios. Han hecho deporte y han trabajado con unos entrenadores profesionales en el gimnasio. El jueves fueron al castillo de Blarney. Los terrenos del castillo tienen flores, arboles y cuevas espectaculares.

Thursday 17th July

Its been an extremely active week both in and out of the classroom. The students have begun to prepare their drama projects which will be presented next week, many creating original scripts and stories with others reproducing songs and classic scenes. Tuesday saw X factor coming to CIT with students singing in English to compete for prizes. Activities included the usual sports events, however, we had the fortune of some personal trainers that introduced us to the gym facilities available and a few of the girls were put through their paces in some very intense circuit training which included boxing amongst other things. Thursday saw a trip to the legendary Blarney castle. Although the castle itself could not be scaled this day, the opportunity was taken to explore the spectacular grounds which are steeped in mystical history and set in some truly beautiful scenery with many plants, flowers, trees and caves, the likes of which, appeared very alien to our students.