Viaje a Cork 2014: viernes, 18 julio

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Viaje a Cork 2014: viernes, 18 julio

Hoy el grupo ha jugado a láser. El grupo de St. James ganó contra los otros equipos por un margen de 500 puntos. Más tarde, se fueron a una carrera de galgos. Los alumnos apostaron pequeñas cantidades a su galgo preferido. Ganar o perder, todos se lo pasaron bien. A final se reunieron con uno de los galgos ganadores.

Friday, July 18th

Today saw the Seville group take on another group in a game of laser tag! All friendships were put aside and laser warfare commenced…Our students cruised to an easy victory, trouncing their rivals by a nearly 500 shot margin! Later on in the evening, was a visit to the dog track where the students placed small bets on their favourite dogs. Win or lose, a good time was had by all with the highlight being some exclusive time with one of the winning dogs in the private area.