Viaje a Cork: miércoles, 03 de julio

jueves, 3 julio

La primera semana ha estado llena de actividades. Han hecho amigos con otros españoles mientras esperan la llegada de los franceses e italianos. Las actividades empezaron con deportes algunos deportes conocidos y otros no tanto, como "hurling" y "rounders". Visitaron la catedral de St. Finn Barres donde aprendieron un poco sobre la religión irlandesa y sobre la historia de la ciudad. Como el tiempo ha sido bueno se organizó un viaje a los lagos donde vieron un poco de la flora y fauna irlandesa. Y, como no, también bailaron un poco de baile irlandés.

Thursday 3rd July

Its been an action packed start to the week for the students. We have made new friends from Spain as we await the arrival of the Italians and French this weekend! The activities began with sports where the students had the chance to play various games they knew....and a few they didn’t such as the Irish sport of hurling and a typical English/Irish school game, rounders. A visit to St Finn Barres cathedral gave the students an insight into to a little history of the city and comparisons were made between their own religion in Seville and the rather more gothic style here. As the weather has been pleasant, a trip to the lake was organized where we partook in Irish dancing and got up close and personal with some of the local wildlife.

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