Testimonio de Alba Rosales

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Testimonio de Alba Rosales


Alba Rosales, su hermana Claudia y su madre Encarni, fueron alumnos de St. James durante muchos años. Ahora Alba trabaja en Dublin. Aquí está su testimonio:

My name is Alba and I am a former student of St. James English School. I currently live in Dublin (Ireland), where I’ve spent the last two years and a half working as a linguistic QA and translator. Before that, I spent one year in London working as a Foreign Language Assistant in a high school, where I helped preparing students for their Spanish A-level exams. I remember using in my lessons some exercises that I had myself done at St. James School as a student. So I guess that I learnt more than English there! I think it’s safe to say that I owe that to my wonderful teachers, who always encouraged us to participate and made lessons interesting. Time flew in those classrooms and I was hardly ever bored. I’ve actually left the room in tears of joy more than once and there’s a bunch of anecdotes I could share with you (but I don’t want to make this post too long). I also made new friends there and I still remember the quizzes we used to do on our last lesson before the Christmas holidays at the Australian pub downstairs, where the school treated us to a soda. Those were the times!

I can say I’m a proud student of St. James School because I’ve been able to apply what I learnt there throughout my life. English has been useful to me, not only in a professional level, but also in a personal one: I’ve always loved travelling. Some people learn English only to find a job; and some people… Well, some people just have itchy feet!